The following post applies to RabbitMQ hosted on Windows. We will change the default port  '15672'  used by RabbitMQ's management portal to a new port. To do this we will need to do the following:

  1. Locate the 'rabbitmq.config' file
  2. Update the file configurations to override the default management portal port
  3. Restart RabbitMQ

In my example the 'rabbitmq.config' the file is found in 'C:/Program Files/Rabbit/RMQData', the location of the file depends on where RabbitMQ is installed. Edit and replace the relevant parts of the file as follows:

[{rabbitmq_management,[{listener, [{port, 12345}]}]}].

Replace 12345 with the desired port and save the changes. Restart RabbitMQ service For instructions on how to do this for Linux environments go here (source)

Configuration file for RabbitMQ