Docker Container Registry


Namespaces can be used to separate containers into logical groups. The container can be accessed using the generated ‘Repository Address’. Below shows what a repository might look like for a given namespace.

Creating a new Docker Repository with a default namespace.
Creating a new namespace which helps group containers into logical groups.

RAM Permissions

To connect to the Docker registry, the user must have the needed permissions. These  permissions can be configured in the RAM console. Below shows the managed RAM permission group added to the RAM user.

RAM permissions for accessing Docker Registry.

Using Docker Register

Login into the Docker Registry:

$ docker login --username=cloudadmin@[...] registry-[region]

Pull Container:

$ docker pull registry-[region]

Tagging a container:

$ docker tag [ImageId] registry-[region][tag]

Pushing a container to registry:

$ docker push registry-[region][tag]