Creating and installing Windows service

Using command console, the following commands can be used to create or delete a Windows service.

# Create a new service 
sc create "[agent_name]" binPath= ""

# Delete a service by name
sc delete "[agent_name]"

Granting permissions to certificate

To following instructions can be used to  grant permission a user to a certificate that is stored in Window's certificate store.

  1. Open Microsoft Management Console (MMC.exe) using Admin rights
  2. Navigate to the Certificate that you want to grant permission to
  3. Right-click the certificate to open sub-menu ManagerPrivateKeys
  4. Add NETWORK SERVICES to the permissions
Manage Windows certificates using MMC.exe

Or using the command console:

cd C:\Program files\Windows Resource Kits\Tools
winhttpcertcfg –g –c LOCAL_MACHINE\My –s [certname] –a ASPNET
winhttpcertcfg –g –c LOCAL_MACHINE\My –s [certname]  –a NETWORKSERVICE